Monday, September 28, 2009

New Job! (contd.)

Banner for the same gym in Bombay. My first street hoarding! YAY! :D

New job!

This is a promotion thing I did for this gym in Bombay. They are posters for ads in cafes and places.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Class assignment: Choose a quote related to design and design a poster around it. The words floating about are supposed to be the thoughts of a typical design student, all congregating at the bottom to form a conclusion.

Headlight: Road Safety Awareness

Two logos I did for this NGO starting up in Delhi. Headlight. The NGO is originally from France, and works for spreading road safety awareness. The traffic light one got selected. Good. That's the one I like ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dil Bole Martial Arts.

Saw Dil Bole Hadippa today. It was a fun, time pass sort of film. Kinda preachy though. Actually it tried to be preachy, what with talking about Indo-pak peace and women empowerment whilst showing a blossoming tale of love between the protagonists, reconciliation between the parents and cricket matches. All this done in typical yash raj style, with the songs, dances and the vibrant colors of Punjab. Things that make Bollywood what it is. And things that make people like me enjoy a film. Rani Mukherjee was really funny as a boy, in a juvenile sort of way. As a girl, she was just... Rani Mukherjee, nothing special. One time watch. Oh, and the movie is not really a rip off of She's the Man. Just the basic idea. They're both quite distinct in their story.

Cool thing: Random kid in theater was inventing some sort of new martial art style. Looked a little like tai-chi. He/She (couldn't tell in the dark) would randomly flail about the hall. Quite funny. Oh, also, whenever anybody in the film would cheer/applaud, this kid would stop inventing his/her new martial art style and would join in the cheering/applauding. Once the cheering/applauding would end, he/she would very matter-of-factly resume with his/her flailing.

Psycho Patterns

College assignment: Patterns. That's the only thing our faculty ever comes up with. EVER. Patterns, patterns and more patterns. The modules will change, but the patterns remain. It's like they were born in a frikin' pattern. This is one pattern in different colors. The only one I did, that I like.

Cool thing: Different people liked different color combinations. Anushka liked the boring blue one, Bucky (Taaneya) liked the pink and green one, and I obviously liked the brightest red one.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucy Junebug Sleepsalot

Lucy says Hi!

Photograph courtesy Robin.

Anti Racism Thingmajig

Was listening to the song 'Aye Saaye Mere' from New York, and completely fell in love with this line. Got full inspired and this is what happened.

The ACTUAL Wordle

The one that got used :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gulmohar Days Wordle

I love typography. The wordle that did not get used. Another one did. Gulmohar Days is a coolio organization that does coolio things for kids and coolio things for the environment, run by one of our visiting faculty members. It's fun to help out! Especially when I get to do coolio things like typography and paper mache. Separately. Though together would be fun. Messy but fun. Oh, and I am aware of the excessive usage of the word 'coolio'. But it's just a coolio word. So yeah.

Seventy Two.

Yay! This was when I got my tablet. One of the first things i used it for. :D

P.S. The text is irrelevant. Couldn't think of anything else to draw around. Quite random, I know.

The Big Bang Theory

Vacation work again. Named after one of my favorite tv shows and after my favorite....umm... theory?


Randomness during the vacation.

Simplicity. Was a simpler time then.

First day.

First blog post. Feels good. Don't know where to start.