Saturday, February 13, 2010

Headlight (again)

I just realized I hadn't put these up some months ago when I put up my logos for 'Headlight', the NGO working for road safety awareness. These posters were part of their campaign and were put up in Urban Pind, a popular Club in New Delhi.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yay! Typography again! I was happiest the past week, OD-ing on typography. Here's the best three of what I did.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Summit of Olympus - Misc.

Godie Bag:


Badge Design:

Lots of miscellaneous things for the Summit. Notepad, Folder, Goodie bag, Certificate and Badges.

The Summit of Olympus - Invitation

Invitation design for the Summit of Olympus.

Summit of Olympus - Sweat shirt design

Sweat Shirt Design for the Summit of Olympus. Illustrations done by none other than The Ratfinke (Jemma Jose).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

LOLWTFBBQ - Our Favorite Color.

LOLWTFBBQ. That’s what she’d be thinking if she had seen the pandit’s reaction to her name today at her cremation. Trust her to laugh at almost anything in the world. For instance, at a small “pseudo and wannabe” round about in the street, or at the sheer randomness of utterly random words like “Pinni”, or at names in our accounts book, or at the stories we wove around those names.

We’d sit in class and do everything other than what we’re supposed to do. I remember, a month before her birthday or shall I call it “Purple Jayanti”, we’d start planning her party. And by planning, I mean HARDCORE EVENT MANAGEMENT. We’d go over themes and music and food and music and drinks and music and venues and music, etc. Then the same process ensued for the Halloween party. The planning would inevitably end being more fun than the party itself. Ah the parties. Pissing everyone off by playing our awesome “cheap Bollywood” and grooving to it like there’s no tomorrow. Not caring, if people thought us to be odd. We were odd. I mean, we danced to “Bhumbro” on Halloween. IN our costumes. Quite odd.

She and I had the most arbitrary humor ever. Our IM conversations would be gibberish to most, but hours of laughter for us. Phrases like ‘mandir mein aag’, ‘33’, ‘Kar hi lete hain’, etc. would be what we’d ROFLMAO about.

Our “Bring Your Own Lunar Energy Harnessing Device (B.Y.O.L.E.H) Parties”. Classic.

Our watching all Harry Potter films (3rd to 5th anyway) together.

Standing in line at 4 am for Deathly Hallows.

Yelling our lungs out in the mall at 6 am upon receiving Deathly Hallows.

Making fun of Akshay and his folders, Shegz and her laughter, Hottie and his hotness, N-series and their sheer existence, Tudi, Pudi, Ana p, Shinder, Kailad, Sheggy. Aaahh. Awesomeness has never manifested itself in such forms. And never will.

Be it her rendition of Aladdin (WAY better than Walt Disney’s), or the screening of “Bhola in Bollywood”, She was all about the laughs. Always.

She always said, “With a name like Purple, it’s hard not to be popular”. Today, from the people who came to pay their respect to her, and from all the status messages on facebook, it is evident that all these people associated with her way beyond just her name. She reached out to so many people, it was hard not to know her if you study/studied in GD Goenka. It was hard not to be affected by such a vibrant, happy and overwhelming personality. And then there’s always the name.

Today, when everyone is praying for her soul to Rest In Peace, for her family to find solace and strength, for her to be remembered forever, just one unattainable wish comes to my mind,

"Come back.”

- Kailapalooza

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Summit of Olympus - Promotional/Informational Poster

This is their final promotional/informational poster. It's huge and its super duper bright. The theme of the summit is Greek mythology. The usage of bright, non-Greek colors is because I wanted to infuse the Greek theme with a modern feel to it, since the Summit is not about Greek itself, but about leadership (a more modern concept).

The Summit of Olympus - Website

Aaaannnd, I also designed their website:

The Summit of Olympus - Teaser Poster

Teaser Posters for The Summit of Olympus.

As the organizers would say, "The Summit of Olympus is a three day Skill Building Workshop based Summit presented by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, Central Placement Cell and The Career and Counseling Cell of University of Delhi along with the Office of the Dean, Students’ Welfare, Delhi University. The Summit will bring together some of the best minds in the country to develop and hone their leadership potential..."

...And all that jazz. Basically it is an event in Delhi University, and I'm doing ALL its promotional design. So for the next few weeks, most of the stuff on my bloggy will be about The Summit of Olympus.

These here are the two final logo options. The one with the pillar is now their logo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Post after a reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time. This was part of our design methodology assignment. 'Maati' being a mela for promotion of the matka. I designed this print advertisement for the event. A different color scheme pervaded the final one, but I like this one more!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I said in my sleep last night.

Ok, so this is a new thing I'm starting on my blog. I have a horrible (and very funny) sleep talking habit. The things I say in my sleep are truly fascinating and utterly random.

For starters, I remember, some months ago, Sruti (check out her "hmmmm...." blog) was staying over at my place. In the morning she tells me that while sleeping I randomly started making scary footstep noises. And then I even more randomly started saying "Get in the lift, get in the lift!" I mean, wtf? Anyway, Sruti got shit scared. Lol at that.

Many more funny sleep talking incidents later, there was one yesterday which is kinda ultimate. I'm in Bombay with my cousin right now. My cousin just told me that I randomly got up, and by got up, she means actually stood up and started speaking in a British accent! Out of all the things I said, my aunt remembers me saying "Give me my money, Ayesha!" I don't even know an Ayesha. I woke up everybody in the room in the middle of the night because I was asking for money from someone who does not exist. Seriously, WTF?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inking the stress away!

Ok, my newest stress buster: Photo inks. They.are.awesome. I love playing around with them when I'm stressed, which I have been lately (due to many reason beyond the scope of this blog). Anyway, I'm kinda glad I was stressed, because I re-discovered my love for photo inks. This is what I did.

Cool thing: I ended up using all this photo ink art as vector art in posters, other graphics, etc! Awesomeness occurs. Will soon be putting up the posters where I used all this.

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Year Assignments!

Typography assignments in first sem. I was so glad for this module and for Mr. Mahendra Patel. It made me realize my love for typography!! :D

The assignment was to take a letter and figure out the arrangements of a word starting with that letter, a tagline for the word and a paragraph of dummy text.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Job! (contd.)

Banner for the same gym in Bombay. My first street hoarding! YAY! :D

New job!

This is a promotion thing I did for this gym in Bombay. They are posters for ads in cafes and places.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Class assignment: Choose a quote related to design and design a poster around it. The words floating about are supposed to be the thoughts of a typical design student, all congregating at the bottom to form a conclusion.

Headlight: Road Safety Awareness

Two logos I did for this NGO starting up in Delhi. Headlight. The NGO is originally from France, and works for spreading road safety awareness. The traffic light one got selected. Good. That's the one I like ;)