Saturday, November 28, 2009

LOLWTFBBQ - Our Favorite Color.

LOLWTFBBQ. That’s what she’d be thinking if she had seen the pandit’s reaction to her name today at her cremation. Trust her to laugh at almost anything in the world. For instance, at a small “pseudo and wannabe” round about in the street, or at the sheer randomness of utterly random words like “Pinni”, or at names in our accounts book, or at the stories we wove around those names.

We’d sit in class and do everything other than what we’re supposed to do. I remember, a month before her birthday or shall I call it “Purple Jayanti”, we’d start planning her party. And by planning, I mean HARDCORE EVENT MANAGEMENT. We’d go over themes and music and food and music and drinks and music and venues and music, etc. Then the same process ensued for the Halloween party. The planning would inevitably end being more fun than the party itself. Ah the parties. Pissing everyone off by playing our awesome “cheap Bollywood” and grooving to it like there’s no tomorrow. Not caring, if people thought us to be odd. We were odd. I mean, we danced to “Bhumbro” on Halloween. IN our costumes. Quite odd.

She and I had the most arbitrary humor ever. Our IM conversations would be gibberish to most, but hours of laughter for us. Phrases like ‘mandir mein aag’, ‘33’, ‘Kar hi lete hain’, etc. would be what we’d ROFLMAO about.

Our “Bring Your Own Lunar Energy Harnessing Device (B.Y.O.L.E.H) Parties”. Classic.

Our watching all Harry Potter films (3rd to 5th anyway) together.

Standing in line at 4 am for Deathly Hallows.

Yelling our lungs out in the mall at 6 am upon receiving Deathly Hallows.

Making fun of Akshay and his folders, Shegz and her laughter, Hottie and his hotness, N-series and their sheer existence, Tudi, Pudi, Ana p, Shinder, Kailad, Sheggy. Aaahh. Awesomeness has never manifested itself in such forms. And never will.

Be it her rendition of Aladdin (WAY better than Walt Disney’s), or the screening of “Bhola in Bollywood”, She was all about the laughs. Always.

She always said, “With a name like Purple, it’s hard not to be popular”. Today, from the people who came to pay their respect to her, and from all the status messages on facebook, it is evident that all these people associated with her way beyond just her name. She reached out to so many people, it was hard not to know her if you study/studied in GD Goenka. It was hard not to be affected by such a vibrant, happy and overwhelming personality. And then there’s always the name.

Today, when everyone is praying for her soul to Rest In Peace, for her family to find solace and strength, for her to be remembered forever, just one unattainable wish comes to my mind,

"Come back.”

- Kailapalooza

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