Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I said in my sleep last night.

Ok, so this is a new thing I'm starting on my blog. I have a horrible (and very funny) sleep talking habit. The things I say in my sleep are truly fascinating and utterly random.

For starters, I remember, some months ago, Sruti (check out her "hmmmm...." blog) was staying over at my place. In the morning she tells me that while sleeping I randomly started making scary footstep noises. And then I even more randomly started saying "Get in the lift, get in the lift!" I mean, wtf? Anyway, Sruti got shit scared. Lol at that.

Many more funny sleep talking incidents later, there was one yesterday which is kinda ultimate. I'm in Bombay with my cousin right now. My cousin just told me that I randomly got up, and by got up, she means actually stood up and started speaking in a British accent! Out of all the things I said, my aunt remembers me saying "Give me my money, Ayesha!" I don't even know an Ayesha. I woke up everybody in the room in the middle of the night because I was asking for money from someone who does not exist. Seriously, WTF?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inking the stress away!

Ok, my newest stress buster: Photo inks. They.are.awesome. I love playing around with them when I'm stressed, which I have been lately (due to many reason beyond the scope of this blog). Anyway, I'm kinda glad I was stressed, because I re-discovered my love for photo inks. This is what I did.

Cool thing: I ended up using all this photo ink art as vector art in posters, other graphics, etc! Awesomeness occurs. Will soon be putting up the posters where I used all this.

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Year Assignments!

Typography assignments in first sem. I was so glad for this module and for Mr. Mahendra Patel. It made me realize my love for typography!! :D

The assignment was to take a letter and figure out the arrangements of a word starting with that letter, a tagline for the word and a paragraph of dummy text.