Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I said in my sleep last night.

Ok, so this is a new thing I'm starting on my blog. I have a horrible (and very funny) sleep talking habit. The things I say in my sleep are truly fascinating and utterly random.

For starters, I remember, some months ago, Sruti (check out her "hmmmm...." blog) was staying over at my place. In the morning she tells me that while sleeping I randomly started making scary footstep noises. And then I even more randomly started saying "Get in the lift, get in the lift!" I mean, wtf? Anyway, Sruti got shit scared. Lol at that.

Many more funny sleep talking incidents later, there was one yesterday which is kinda ultimate. I'm in Bombay with my cousin right now. My cousin just told me that I randomly got up, and by got up, she means actually stood up and started speaking in a British accent! Out of all the things I said, my aunt remembers me saying "Give me my money, Ayesha!" I don't even know an Ayesha. I woke up everybody in the room in the middle of the night because I was asking for money from someone who does not exist. Seriously, WTF?


Maya said...

i talk in my sleep too. This one time (at band camp) i said very loudly (in a manly voice) "bhaiyya! chai lao". freaked people out it did!

ps: baby! please proof read your post. i know you must be in a super hurry because of all the waiting laddoos, but still.

Reishabh. K said...

Lol @ the waiting ladoos. K I'll proof read it. ;)

jemma said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! definately one of the funniest things I have heard someone say in their sleep ( apart form Bhaiyya chai lao!" i mean seriously maya :P)

can't wait to read more randomnes your sub-concious cranium dishes out in the midle of the night!

pooch said...

that night is one i will never forget cos also we barely knew eachother... i jus wanted the quilt i almost gave u the quilt out of fear...

but i didn't cos it'